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HSV Eraser Review – Does it get Rid of Herpes Virus?

HSV Eraser

HSV is a very popular disease among adolescents and older people. However, you might not have heard of it before. That is likely because you know it by another name: herpes. Herpes or HSV is sexually transmitted and has plagued humankind for hundreds of years.

This common disease is not fatal in almost all situations. However, it does cause emotional and mental stress to anyone with it. Although it is technically one of the least dangerous STDs, it can still significantly affect the life of an infected person. Because of the symptoms of the disease, which are quite visible and marked, many people live in shame because of the condition.

Apart from social consequences, this disease can also be painful. In view of the adverse effects of HSV, many people have sought to get rid of it. This has led to the proliferation of hundreds of ‘cures’. However, most of these products sell a pipe dream and do not help to remove the disease. However, there are some that actually help in treating the disease. HSV Eraser claims to be one of such products, and in this review, we will consider the effects, benefits, and any drawbacks that come from using the product. Read on to see what we found out about the efficacy of HSV Eraser.

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Some facts about HSV

Herpes is a widely misunderstood disease, and many folks confuse the symptoms and causes. This has led to providing cures that do not work.

This virus is not transmitted via bites from animals or such means but is a sexually transmitted disease.

Thus, you only get this disease from having sexual encounters (whether oral or penetrative) with an infected person.

Many claim that there are numerous types of herpes, but the truth is that there are just two main types. These are the most common that afflict most folks.

The two types of HSV are HSV-1 and HSV-2. What is the difference between these two types of HSV? Let’s see.

First, HSV-1 is what results from oral sexual interactions. It comes with symptoms in visible parts of the body.

HSV-2, unlike HSV-1, is as a result of genital sex with an infected person. Therefore, this type of herpes comes with symptoms to the genital area of the infected person. It is obviously not visible to most people.

HSV is a strange disease that comes with several features that make it quite hard to treat. For instance, this disease can be in a person for many years without the person showing any symptoms. If the infected person then has sex with someone else, they get infected and can show symptoms rather quickly.

There are several symptoms that show if a person has this disease. Some of these are:

  • Cold sores in the mouth area
  • Genital warts and blisters
  • Slight or severe fever
  • Uncomfortable urination
  • Vaginal discharge in women
  • Painful sensation in the genital area before breaking out in blisters

As you can see, this disease is quite painful and very uncomfortable. The world of conventional medicine has desperately sought a cure over the years. However, they have met with very little success. Even the drugs that they have made do not cure the HSV but merely suppresses it to remove the symptoms.

However, HSV Eraser is made to eliminate the virus from an infected body.


As we have pointed out earlier, the several options for treatment available today do not really work well. While they might limit the symptoms, they fail to tackle the virus that actually causes the problem.

Problems such as sores around the mouth and painful urination can be suppressed using anti-viral medicine. However, they do not entirely save the person.

The only total solution to these outbreaks is the removal of the HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses.

With conventional medicine, the drugs remove the symptoms for a while. However, it has been observed that the virus is just suppressed and comes back after some time.

This is where HSV Eraser comes in. While conventional treatments use creams to remove the blisters or sores around the mouth or involve using tablets and pills, HSV Eraser comes with a revolutionary treatment plan. This time, instead of using drugs and things like that, HSV Eraser helps to ‘erase’ HSV by providing the patient with ingredients that when used, can attack and remove HSV.

For one, the ingredients can be sourced locally, and they are cheaper than creams and drugs.

According to the makers of HSV Eraser, you can be free from HSV and resume your productive life free from stigma.

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More about HSV Eraser

As mention above, the HSV Eraser isn’t your typical conventional treatment. You will not have to use any pills or drugs here. Instead, this is a program, much like your weight loss program or exercise regime. In this case, it comes in a pdf format that contains all the information you need. By carefully adhering to the advice from the program, you can, eventually, get rid of HSV in your body. It will help you, not to suppress the virus, but to tackle it from the root and remove it.

At first, glance, considering what this program claims to do, it is cheap. As we pointed out earlier, this program does not come with any medications or pills, but you can get all the foods and nutrients needed to get rid of the herpes virus from your local store. Furthermore, since it comes in pdf format, you only need to pay for it once to get all the essential information you need.

One great thing about this program is that it didn’t matter when you got infected with the virus. There is no expiry date on when you can use it. As long as the steps outlined in the book are followed, you can rest assured that it will work for you.

Another good thing here is that it is compatible with other medications. For other drugs, you might have to quit the medication you are currently using before using them. Not so with this product.

Another advantage that we discovered in the HSV Eraser is that it tackles all types of HSV. You do not have to buy separate books or programs for HSV 1 and another for HSV 2.

A thoroughly effective program, we are sure that it will cater to your needs.

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Who made the HSV Eraser program?

In view of all the benefits of the program, you are right to wonder how it came about and succeeds where conventional medicine has failed. Well, the maker or brain behind the HSV Eraser program is Dr. Christiane Buehler.

How did it come about?

The good doctor contracted the HSV virus while working in the lab at John Hopkins Hospital. While doing that, she lived with the problems that resulted from suffering from that disease.

Thus, considering that she had a personal agenda against the disease, she put in all she had to find a cure. With the aid of her professor at the university, Dr. Languin, they were able to find out several things about the nature of the virus and how to attack it using new methods.

After six months of research and testing of hypothesis, they found that the virus responds to a set of nutrients that when used in tandem, can neutralize the virus and render it impotent.

After this discovery, a series of tests were further carried out to find out the efficacy of the treatment. After weeks of testing and application, the blood samples collected from her and other patients finally came out negative.

Today, she is happily negative. However, due to the plight suffered by several people around the globe, she and her team have opted to make the cure available to all. 

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How the HSV Eraser Works

As we earlier stated, this program is not like your ordinary treatment. In this section, we will break down how the program works and how many have gotten the best use from it.

The HSV Eraser comes in two stages.

1ST stage

The first stage is critical and will determine how successful you are at eliminating the virus. It deals with the battering of the HSV virus and making it susceptible to damage.

As pointed out, this does not involve using pills. Instead, nutrients combinations, gotten from foods are used to combat the walls of the virus and making it open to attack. These nutrients can be found in foods. And these foods, in turn, are just a shop away from you.

The nutrients here are not artificial or made in a lab. Instead, they are completely organic. With what results? Well, since these are natural, you can rest assured that you will not have to deal with any side effect. While they are potent, they mainly attack the HSV virus and seek to eliminate it. Also, these are cheap and can be found at nearby stores without plenty of hassle.

The first stage is very important because it is what opens up the walls of the virus. It takes around ten days for the first stage to be completed. 

2nd stage

This stage is what delivers the death knell to the HSV virus. After the first stage has opened up the walls, the second stage knocks it dead. How does it accomplish this? It does this by boosting your immune system to a level where it can tackle the virus and overcome it.

Since this is a delicate stage, it is important that you follow the instructions found in HSV Eraser to the latter. Apart from taking the ingredients in the correct amount, it is vital that you take it at the right time. At the end of the second stage, you should be free from the HSV virus.

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More about the program

There are many cool things about the HSV Eraser program.

As we said, it comes in a book format. The 109 pages contain plenty of information that is helpful. While many people hate to read, it is important to read this book as it contains important information.

Instead of stumbling from treatment to treatment, this program is your one-stop destination. With the HSV Eraser, you do not worry about side effects or similar issues.

Let us now have an in-depth analysis of the parts of the book.

Uncloak Herpes Virus

This is the first section of HSV Eraser. Herem as the name implies, you will find important information about the nature of the virus. After all, the first step in defeating an enemy is knowing all there is to know about the enemy.

In a similar vein, this section contains all the information required.

Apart from that, you also get tips on how to reduce your susceptibility to the virus.

Healthy Diet

The Healthy Diet section, as the name implies, provides information on the healthy foods to consume while you battle HSV virus.

Here, you will see the nutrients that can aid in your fight. Furthermore, this section contains information on the foods to eat, when to eat them and the amount you should eat at a sitting. 

Using the Program

From our research, we have observed that most folks found the HSV Eraser easy to use. All the steps taken are created with your comfort in mind.

All you have to do is to read the book and get the foods that are listed there. From there, follow the instructions on eating times, amount, and stuff like that.

Safety of the HSV Eraser

Many have wondered if it is safe to use the program. Our answer is yes.

Aside from helping you to deal with herpes, it also helps you to live a healthier life as the foods recommended are good for your health. 


Although it sucks to have herpes, you can get rid of it using the HSV Eraser. Say goodbye to genital blisters, sores around the mouth and other underlining symptoms. Get your copy today!

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